About AtomGames (and the Geniuses who made it happen)

Created in 1936 by two college friends who predicted the power of the Internet would change their lives, this company is a hallmark of patience. After sixty-four years of hard work, fisticuffs, and effort, this dynamic capitalist duo finally decided to ship version 1.0, much to the benefit of the working men and women of America, who in the words of co-founder Tim Kane "deserve a quick asynchronous form of entertainment after a hard day, you know, of stuff."

Founder & Dictator Tim Kane

Though a perfectionist, Kane has been known to say nice things when nobody is looking. Geniuses are like that. Partner Jim Coyer doesn't mind that his college buddy isn't much of technologist: "Can he spell IBM? No. Does he always ask me to help him turn his computer on? Yeah. But does that mean he shouldn't get rich off this Internet thing? I don't THINK so!" When reminded that AtomGames is just a hobby with no revenue, Jim shrugs.

Founder & Monkey Boy Jim Coyer

Nevertheless, Kane is equally complimentary of the brains of the company: "When he's not eating bananas, Jim's insights into why a little more coding time will improve the Nth test version can be convincing. Funny thing is, I always thought programmers were good at math. But every time he says '5 more weeks' it seems to take at least 20. Maybe he means months. Anyway, I didn't mind at all when he took off the summer to learn to fly. Jim's a good pilot ... all he needs now is a compass."

Time will tell if the story of these entrepreneurs ever becomes famous. And stuff.